All of these antique reproduction dolls were made by Mary Benner and Connie Drake.


"Sewing For Grandmother's Doll" Luncheon

UFDC Convention 2004
Souvenir by Rosemarie Snyder


A9T (Thullier) by Mary Benner - Edition 2 of 4
This doll was inspired from a picture of an AT in the book "Precious Dolls" by Ursula Brecht.


Cody Jumeau

Another name for this doll is "Long Face Jumeau".  She is a OOAK by Mary Benner.  This doll placed 2nd in the 1995 Seeley Competition in New York



Te'te' Jumeau

A OOAK reproduction by Mary Benner


A.T. 14 "Merilie"

The original A.T. 14 was  made by A. Thullier in France, circa 1875 to 1890.  This reproduction doll is approximately 25" tall and was made by Connie Drake.  She is a limited edition OOAK. 



Claudia is a reproduction of a  Bru Jne 16 originally made by Casimar Bru in France in 1880.  She has a porcelain face and a composition body.  She is 29".  Claudia is a limited edition of 2 dolls made by Connie Drake.


Bru  Jne 11 Replica Shandele

Porcelain reproduction of a doll originall made by Casimar Bru in France circa 1880.  She is 20" tall.  Her handpainted porcelain head has blue paperweight eyes w/pierced ears and a handmade blonde mohair wig.  Her costume is made of brocade and matching rose silk taffeta.  She was made by Connie Drake.


Bru Jne

This lovely Bru Jne was made by Suzanne McBrayer using a Bru mold made by Seeley's.  She is 15" and is on a leather Chevrot body which was made by Suzanne's husband.  It is an excellent replica of the original chevrot body developed by Henri Chevrot, the second owner of the Bru firm.  Her outfit is made by Pam Willets.


Mein Liebling

Suzanne McBrayer made this beautiful 19" Mein Leibling.  She has blue glass eyes with upper and lower painted lashes in addition to real mohair lashes.  Her body is a reproduction German slant-jointed one.  Her outfit is made by Pam Willets.



Between 1980 and 1992, the Gorham Doll Company produced dolls in the images of French antique dolls. Lydia was the 5th Anniversary doll produced in 1985. Lydia's face was inspired by the French dolls of Bru. She is a musical doll and her music is "Anniversary Waltz".